Very educational course. I did a lot of ride alongs on the trapline and learned all the tools of the trade. Mr. Spriggs explained and demonstrated how to skin many different animals, gave me great advice and cheap solutions for trapping methods. I can guarantee you will have a very good understanding of basic land and water trapping. I have already caught most of my firsts just on his teachings. Very nice gentleman. I can guarantee he will answer any questions you may have about trapping or what traps to use.

                              -Jim from Mexico,NY

                                    Age 16

Jack is very knowledgeable with basic and advanced trapping sets. This is my first year trapping and I've already learned so much just from listening and watching him explain how to make good sets. He's a really good teacher because he's very thorough and explains everything very well. He prefers cheap trap methods which is nice for someone like me who is just starting out and can't afford a lot. Jack is a very nice guy. He answers all my questions and in my opinion you won't be disappointed.


                           - Stevie from Mexico, NY

What an awesome experience Nick and I had at the trapping 101 class. Jack is an awesome instructor who listens to all your questions and answers all questions and does not go forward until you understand what he's talking about. This is a lot more than just a demo class you actually get your hands dirty!

Day one we covered trap prep/tuning and modification and staking methods.

Day 2 we covered lures and baits and spent a good amount of the day in the woods applying what we had talked about previously. There's nothing like a real hands on experience to learn how to actually apply what you learned in the trap shed. We actually walked part of Jack's line and got to see exactly how he makes some sets.

Day 3 was back in the fur shed to skin and put up one of Jack's catches from the previous season. We covered the whole process from skinning to boarding.

Whether your new to trapping or just want to get into it, this class is a great way to advance your skills. I would highly recommend this to anyone you will not be disappointed.

A huge thanks to Jack's wife Tina for all the great food and making sure everyone had a great stay.

Thanks to all the sponsors; Sawmill Creek, Jason Van Meter, J3 outdoorz.

                      -Rob Planty from Halfmoon, NY | 315-529-8248 | 355 Pumphouse Road, Mexico NY 13114

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